MS Classification with AI

We are developing an AI tool that detects different types of multiple sclerosis (MS) using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and blood tests. Our goal is to help doctors recommend the most appropriate treatment with the fewest side effects for each patient.


Our aim is to identify patterns in MRI and blood tests that characterize specific types of MS. This information will help us predict how symptoms may change, when MS may worsen, and which drugs are most likely to help.


  • Define MS types using MRI and blood tests to better reflect underlying abnormalities.
  • Build AI tools that measure and predict treatment effectiveness at an individual level.
  • Develop AI tools that can learn from each other without sharing patients' data across centers, ensuring personalized predictions from diverse backgrounds.

We will measure how the new MS types complement the existing ones, calculate potential cost savings, and improve healthcare by recommending appropriate treatments earlier and delaying disability.